Cars (Pixar) Coloring pages

36 Cars (Pixar) pictures to print and color
Animatronics [104] Scary [535] Instruments [230]
Trains [121] Aircrafts [329] Military [580]

Coloring pages with printable illustrations of favorite characters Lightning McQueen and Mater from the movie Cars will take each boy on an exciting journey. The main characters will participate in the competitions, adventures and spy showdown, which are so interesting to the boys. To paint your favorite cars - Lightning McQueen, you will need a red (for the body) and yellow color (for the lightning on board). Mater originally had a turquoise body color, but over time, it rusted. Other characters, such as Sally, Luigi, Ramon, Flo, Doc, also have an interesting design. Print free images to create your own collection of Cars.