Shimmer and Shine Coloring pages

35 free printable Shimmer and Shine coloring pages for kids

The coloring pages Shimmer and Shine is based on the famous animated series, whose plot is built around the sister- genies that were freed from the lamp by the girl called Leah. She constantly gets into funny situations, because genies don't know the intricacies of the modern world and fulfill the girl's desires wrong, but Leah doesn't pay attention to the troubles. Your baby will be able to smooth out these blunders and become a volunteer assistant of Shimmer and Shine using pencils and paints. The coloring pages are printable for free, so use the brightest colors for coloring, because witches often change images and always look bright.

Wee has been collecting 35 printable Shimmer and Shine coloring sheets for free to download, print and color in your free time.