Instruments Coloring pages

230 free Instruments coloring pages to print and color
Hammer [21] Saw [11] Ax [24]
Shovel [19] Rake [11] Pitchfork [8]
Forceps [12] Screws [12] Nails [16]
Spanners [24] Drill [16] Screwdriver [17]
Sets [22] Chainsaw [17]

The coloring pages Instruments are a small selection of all the familiar and necessary things. We need them to affect or change any object (for example, to reduce or expand it). They are divided into manual and electric. The first group includes hammers, pliers, tongs, screwdrivers, and wrenches. The second group is represented by electric drills, sonics, and electric jigsaw. They have one thing in common – iron is always present in the material of manufacture. In the process of drawing free printable pictures, you can tell your child about the purpose of each tool and, if possible, even demonstrate it.

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