Saw Coloring pages

11 Saw pictures to print and color
Hammer [21] Saw [11] Ax [24]
Shovel [19] Rake [11] Pitchfork [8]
Forceps [12] Screws [12] Nails [16]
Spanners [24] Drill [16] Screwdriver [17]
Sets [22] Chainsaw [17]

Coloring pages Saw is a set of free contour images of the tool, which represents a thin metal plate with pointed teeth on the long side and has one or two handles. It is used for cutting various materials (in the ordinary understanding – for woodworking, where it is the most basic and indispensable device). Lots of mechanical analogs, driven by electric or gasoline engines were created on the basis of this simple tool. The printable pictures will allow the boys to decorate the chosen saw and tell parents where it can be used.