Venus Coloring pages

11 free printable Venus coloring pages for kids
Claudine Wolfe [16] Frankie Stein [14] Draculaura [14]
Blue Lagoon [9] Venus [11] Nefera [3]
Operetta [11] Rochelle [10] Scaris [14]
Torali [10] Abby [7] Cleo [14]
Skeletal [11] Spectra [12] Ever After High [42]

To paint the character of Venus McFlytrap, you should prepare only bright colors, because this girl has bright green skin, trendy hairstyle with shaved part of the hair and the hair she has green mixed with bright pink. Use pink shades for her lips and eyes. Paint the vines that entangled the neck, legs, and arms of Venus with her favorite grassy color (any shade of green) for free. The coloring pages are printable, so think about what's missing in the image of McFlytrap.

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