Trixie Coloring pages

5 free printable Trixie coloring pages for kids

The great and powerful unicorn who put on a show in a fictional country to defeat Sparky's friends- it's all about Trixie. Certainly, none character of the pony cartoon can be compared with such a braggart in coloring pages. To recreate the printable image of Trixie, paint a magic wand and a crescent on her body blue. Paint the mane and tail blue and add the white stripes. Having printed this horse with a proudly raised head for free, you can become just as strong and courageous as your favorite pony. Share the pictures with your best friends and have fun all together by painting the fabulous unicorn.

Wee has been collecting 5 printable Trixie coloring sheets for free to download, print and color in your free time.