Limousine Coloring pages

17 Limousine pictures to print and color
Maserati [16] Fiat [15] Ferrari [15]
Citroen [15] Alfa romeo [16] BMW [16]
Audi [16] Renault [16] Porsche [16]
Peugeot [14] Opel [16] Volkswagen [17]
Mercedes [16] Bugatti [15] Lamborghini [28]
Mazda [26] Toyota [48] Hyundai [23]
Lexus [16] Jeep [15] Retro cars [16]
Sport cars [49] Limousine [17]

Coloring pages Limousine are a selection of free printable pictures depicting models of cars, different from the rest of the elongated wheelbase. This car has a long, spacious interior, separated by a partition from the driver's seat. The car is very popular for transporting people in love to the wedding Palace on the solemn day of their wedding, but it is extremely rare to find a limousine on the streets of provincial cities, mainly residents of megacities, wealthy people can afford this luxury.