Abby Coloring pages

7 free printable Abby coloring pages for kids
Claudine Wolfe [16] Frankie Stein [14] Draculaura [14]
Blue Lagoon [9] Venus [11] Nefera [3]
Operetta [11] Rochelle [10] Scaris [14]
Torali [10] Abby [7] Cleo [14]
Skeletal [11] Spectra [12] Ever After High [42]

Here are the coloring pages with the character belonging to the toothy monsters - Abbey Bominable. She's a Bigfoot's daughter. Abbey's face and body sparkle and glisten like ice. Coloring of this character has two basic colors: blue and pink. Paint the luxurious tail, neatly assembled on the back of his head, blue and purple; you may also use a light pink shade for free printable pictures. Paint the lips and eyelids pink. Use a blue pencil to paint sandals with lots of crystals.

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