Claudine Wolfe Coloring pages

16 free printable Claudine Wolfe coloring pages for kids
Claudine Wolfe [16] Frankie Stein [14] Draculaura [14]
Blue Lagoon [9] Venus [11] Nefera [3]
Operetta [11] Rochelle [10] Scaris [14]
Torali [10] Abby [7] Cleo [14]
Skeletal [11] Spectra [12] Ever After High [42]

Coloring pages with the character of Clawdeen Wolf will attract little fashionistas. Clawdeen knows a lot about beauty and looks extravagant: paint the short skirt, vest, and collar purple. Paint the lush curls brown. Don't forget that Clawdeen Wolf, daughter of a werewolf, has brown skin. Paint her body light brown and use dark brown for protruding fangs and ears of the wolf for free. Paint your favorite printable pictures in your free time.

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