Blue Lagoon Coloring pages

9 free printable Blue Lagoon coloring pages for kids
Claudine Wolfe [16] Frankie Stein [14] Draculaura [14]
Blue Lagoon [9] Venus [11] Nefera [3]
Operetta [11] Rochelle [10] Scaris [14]
Torali [10] Abby [7] Cleo [14]
Skeletal [11] Spectra [12] Ever After High [42]

Coloring pages Lagoona Blue, whose native element is water, is a unique immersion in the world of the daughter of a sea monster. You will need a blue color to paint the skin, while dark blue is suitable for strands that have become such because of the chlorination of water in the school pool. Lagoona's hair is white. She prefers to carry her pet called Neptune in the aquarium in the form of a handbag. The free pictures are printable, so paint your home piranha with a pink marker.

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